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"ThynkWare creates a new way of computing, enabling us to "thynk" to interact with devices, social networks, and other people" -- Duane Cash ThynkWare Innovation, Inc.

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We translate your thoughts into speech and commands!

ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. provides a thought-to-control layer for your everyday devices. Built upon a Patented technology (Patent #10019060) for a mind-controlled virtual assistant on a smartphone device, we have created a new BCI (brain-computer interface) that changes the way we will do computing. ThynkWare Innovation provides the interface layer between your brain and your devices. With ThynkWare, anyone can use their thoughts to control their smartphones, tablets, home, office, TV, robots, clothing and even plants. ThynkWare creates a new way of computing by allowing everyone to "thynk" to interact with devices, social networks, and other people. The ThynkWare interface is the next step in computing following the invention of the mouse and personal computer.

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Patent Granted to Duane Cash

Duane Cash (ThynkWare Innovation Founder and Inventor) was granted a patent (Patent Number 10019060) on July 10, 2018

The link to the USPTO Publication of Patent (10019060, Mind-controlled virtual assistant on a smartphone device) can be found below.

Granted Patent No. 10019060 on USPTO

Giving the Miracle of Speech

Girl with autism

ThynkWare Innovation is seeking to help people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), autism and other communication challenges initiate text and email/SMS messages using their thoughts. The project is intended to assist a very wide range of patients, including those who are partly or nearly completely “locked in” socially due to communication difficulties. ThynkWare Speech translates thought patterns into audible words so that people with ALS, autism, stroke, locked-in syndrome and any other communication disorder can speak important phrases to their family, friends and caregivers.

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Woman with ALS

Having the ability to tell someone "I am hungry" or "I need help" or even a simple "I love you" is so important to someone who has for so long been unable to express in words their own thoughts to others.

Happy mother and daughter

Imagine a world where our thoughts can be heard. This is where supporting the research and developing ThynkWare Speech is so important.

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ThynkWare Speech

With the development of over 85 phrases and helpful words, ThynkWare Speech enables people to 'think to speak' to family and caregivers exactly what they want or need.

ThynkWare Speech Communication List

This can be a life-saving system to many suffering from ALS and autism. For many others, it is really a miracle to those who use it and hear it.

Happy Family

You can join us in the cause of bringing speech back to millions of people who need it by supporting ThynkWare Innovation research so we can develop ThynkWare Speech. You can give any amount you wish to contribute.

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Our Projects

ThynkWare Speech

Translates thoughts from ALS and autism sufferers into audible speech.


A fun, mind-enabled robot for kids (and adults) that can move in all directions!

ThynkWare TV

Control TV channels with your mind and forget about finding the remote.

ThynkWare Assistant

Make Siri, Cortana, Google and Alexa do what's on your mind. Patented Tech!

ThynkWare Home

Control lights, climate control and other home systems with your thoughts.

ThynkWare Office

Use your thoughts to operate your offices software, email and other business equipment.

ThynkWare Outbound Telepathy

Send thoughts to other people for near-telepathic communication.

ThynkWare Car

Thought-control your vehicle infotainment, security, climate control and drive systems!

Try out the ThynkWare API

ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. is also working on an API that provides a way for companies to use their own machine learning and EEG inputs to get a ThynkWare Speech output.

Step 1: Open the ThynkWare Speech API site on a desktop PC and keep it open in another tab.

Open the API site!

Step 2: Click word or phrase below to trigger the ThynkWare Speech response

Step 3: Now try your own words by typing in the box below

API link below:

JSON Response:


MindGear Project - Mind-controlled Siri

We Are ThynkWare Innovation

ThynkBot - Control a robot with brainwaves

ThynkWare Speech - Say something with only your thoughts

ThynkWare Typist - Type something with your mind

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Got a project? Need a prototype to show investors?

We can infuse brainwave technology into your big idea presentation.

Whether you are medical organization, trade show, disabilities foundation, school, or tech company...

ThynkWare can help.

We will work with you to meet your idea goals and tailor the project to suit your design and development needs. We will implement the commands you want and integrate it into your wider system.

Our system is loaded onto a small device that can communicates through our API over a WiFi network to your system.

We will enable your system to be thought-driven.

Just think of the possibilities!

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